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Hi, my name is Sue.

I have a confession… all things internet marketing… is my passion…

I am also interested in continuing to eat and have a roof over my head when I retire!


Making Niche WordPress Blogs

For the last 10 years, I have been making niche affiliate websites.

This has been a hobby as I am a Mental Health Nurse… so I have continued working over that time. I had a busy life bringing up 3 kids and working… they are all grown up now.. depending on the day!

So It’s my time…

Why I Made This Blog

This is the first blog I have created to explain how I do this. Many people I talk to have asked me how to create blogs and make some extra money … so I created Silver Digital Nomads…

I don’t have any inflated claims that I make life-changing amounts of cash while I sleep.. but the sites I do have… tick over nicely in the background to keep me in tea and biscuits.

One reason I have decided to put more effort into this online marketing lark is that I know it works and it’s a fun hobby. But, I am 55 years old and I looked at how much pension I would receive in 10 years time… that was a depressing exercise!

I realised it wouldn’t be enough!

So, this blog is to document how I have created and continue to create blogs and websites on various subjects.

If you are interested in making WordPress blogs yourself then I hope you find some value here.

You Can Make Your Own WordPress Blog On Any Subject

My interests are varied…

I have WordPress Blogs in lots of Niches!

I am interested in saving money everywhere I can! I have downsized since the kids left home, moved into a vegan arts co-operative in a huge old Victorian mansion, in a park. (That’s another story!)


Veganism is new to me… (I’ve just started another blog about Vegan Gluten-Free diet) My daughter is gluten free and a vegan.. and she does yoga.. ( I have never done any of that) … so we have created the blog together.

Veganism is a learning curve! But it’s healthy… I just wish I liked cooking… I don’t, and you have to cook a lot it seems.. so we will see…

Personal-development sounds a bit pants… but it’s my whole being to be honest.. I worked as a professional in Mental Health.. so supporting people with trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety etc was my day to day work.

We are all a work in progress... a bit like renovating an old house… you’re never finished. So I will be posting about that as I believe it is part of the journey to achieving your full potential.

A psychiatrist once told me..

“a major reason for depression.. is thwarted ambition”

So if you have a burning ambition to start your own business or just find your voice… change your thoughts.. change your life… It’s really that simple… trust me… I’m a mummy… I know everything… 😉

I’m also a rabid traveller. I do it as cheaply and as much as I can. I love RV or motorhome/van travelling. I am fascinated by conspiracy theories and prepping… I know that’s a bit weird.. but hey!

Geting Paid to Write Articles

I write articles on many different subjects for other people. Obviously, Mental Health is my specialist subject but I have written articles and ebooks on so many different subjects, the research is facinating.

Learning about something you know nothing about, then creating an article about that subject is fun!

Before I fell into the abyss of the NHS I had a few different businesses… so I have always been interested in making extra money on the side. This now has a name.. ‘side gig’.. so call this a side gig if you will ha!

Back to online stuff…

Social Media Marketing

I usually make WordPress blogs as that’s the platform I have always used. I also do Social Media Marketing for other people to promote their businesses, even though I hate Facebook.. it is useful for local businesses.

If I need something fixing in my home or want to buy locally.. my first port of call is Facebook to look for a local business with recommendations... I’m sure you do the same.

Baby Boomers Online

So if you are a Baby Boomer ( I am one of the youngest Baby Boomers.. that’s nice.. I’m not usually the youngest in anything anymore!) but if you are.. or are ten years or so younger.. you understand the stresses and anxieties of looking 10-15 years ahead and worrying about how you will cope on a pension.

If this is you… then welcome to the club!

This internet thing.. isn’t just for our kids.. although there is some technical stuff to get your head around… it’s really not that difficult. Plus, it’s great to learn new stuff. It keeps your brain active and it’s relatively cheap to do.

So.. bottom line….

Making Extra Money With a WordPress Blog

I am not a super-duper internet guru with hundreds of thousands in the bank… I don’t know everything about internet marketing as it changes like the wind, which keeps you on your toes!

So if you fancy making your own WordPress blog or are interested in saving money, making some extra money, or personal development … then I hope you come back and join me on this journey 😉

Thanks for stopping by…

One more thing…

The Best Time for People Over 50 to Start an Online Business

Watch this video from Gary Vaynerchuk.. he explains why this is the best time for people over 50 to start an online business…


*If you want the best training in Affiliate Marketing… I did this.. it is still rated as the best training.

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