Byron Katie a Wise Old Owl

I have been reading Byron Katie recently.

A wise woman who has been at the bottom, in despair with no hope and suicidal. Her work is so useful for any and all at whatever age.

There are hundreds of 20 something internet Gurus telling us how to live successfully, how to be more positive, how to live a full life etc I find them difficult to believe in because I have children in their 20’s!

Life experience for these 20 somethings may have been complex and difficult, they may have overcome many issues in their relatively short lives. But, I do tend to gravitate towards someone who has life experience of more than a couple of decades!

So when I found the work of Byron Katie it was a pleasant surprise! She has life experience, knowledge and empathy for people who are suffering and gives hope and guidance to break out of a mindset and a pattern of living.

I was a psychiatric nurse for over 20 years, my specialism was Addiction.  My whole professional life was working with people living with set beliefs about who they are, what they can achieve and guilt about their choices and impact their choices had on others.

We can all change, we can all be the person we wanted to be when we were young. Life gets in the way sometimes but ultimately, we have the power to change who and what we are and how we impact those around us.

If you are suffering, there is a way to end that suffering…. That way is to identify what you are thinking and believing that is so powerful about yourself or another person, write it down and question it.

Byron Katie

If you experience depression or you have self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from doing something different.. then take a look at her stuff. It is very useful for anyone who wants to change their life and the patterns of their life.

Link to her latest book ===> A Mind at Home with Itself: How Asking Four Questions Can Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Turn Your World Around

Here is a recent interview with Byron Katie.



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