Choose a Niche for a WordPress Blog

How should you choose a niche for a WordPress Blog? Sounds like it should be the easiest part of the process but this is where many people go wrong.

How should you choose a niche for a WordPress Blog? Sounds like it should be the easiest part of the process but this is where many people go wrong.

If you get this part wrong… you could spend months building your WordPress blog, creating sparkling content, making it pretty … and have no visitors, or the visitors you do get are not engaged enough to spend any money on the products or services you are promoting.

If you have already chosen a niche for your WordPress Blog, then you are way ahead. If you do have some idea then you still need to make sure there is enough interest in the subject to justify the amount of time it will take to build the Blog.

How do you choose a niche for a WordPress Blog? Information Overload!

One of the major problems when you start to work online, is ‘information overload’.

There is so much information out there on the Internet all professing to have the latest up to date money making secret that will make you money whilst you sleep.

I’m not saying your blog won’t make money whilst you are asleep… but to get to that point it takes a combination of a lot of work and intelligent and strategic marketing.

You may hope that if you write interesting, informative content that you will inevitably get visitors beating a path to your door.

But to be honest… that’s unlikely.

The secret in how to choose a niche for a WordPress Blog … if there is one, is a combination of –

How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Content = stuff you put on your Blog which may include articles, pictures, graphics or videos.

Marketing = how you entice visitors to come and look at your lovely stuff on your Blog. This could be using ‘social media’ which is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc SEO and backlinking etc

Interest = Is there enough interest in your niche to be able to attract enough people? And will those people want to spend money or time on your blog?

It’s not complicated but you need to grasp that it is essential to cover all three parts of the above equation. Ok, this is the last time I mention equations. I went to school in the ‘70s in the UK so we didn’t really do maths, we danced around in cheesecloth thinking nice thoughts and pretending to be trees… it was called ‘music and movement’…

You are an expert in something – this could be how you choose a niche for your WordPress blog – it’s a start!

As you are of a certain age it is likely you are expert in something, whether it concerns some aspect of your family life, bringing up children or something to do with your job, profession or hobby.

How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

There will be a hungry audience waiting to devour your pearls of wisdom and willing to pay for the privilege.


What is The Most Effective Process to Choose a Niche for a WordPress Blog?

Get a pen and a piece of paper or use the text editor on your computer… and write down all the subjects you have an interest in or expertise in…

There is a quick cheat sheet to get you thinking later in this document.

This exercise just helps to focus your mind and hopefully, you will notice some area where you have great knowledge.

Or just a little knowledge, but you have interest enough to sustain you for months or years to come. This knowledge and or expertise may be able to translate into a subject for your Blog.

Some successful WordPress blogs have focused on the author’s search or journey to learn or explore something. So, you do not always need to know everything there is to know about a subject at the start.

Do you have something you are expert in?

  • Bringing up children
  • Keeping chickens
  • Living organically
  • Living with autoimmune diseases
  • Getting out of debt
  • Three legged cats
  • Etc…

…anything that you may be an expert in or even just have a deep interest in.

The above subjects are ‘niches’… more of this later…

Planning Your WordPress Blog on a Budget

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Saving money/stress / headache/time on your blog launch will require good planning. There is a ton to think about when you get into the details of launching a blog that you hope to truly start making money with.

There are a few crucial things to plan when you choose a niche for your Blog:

  • Your blogging frequency
  • Your blog’s ideal audience
  • Your blog categories
  • The types of posts + content you will create

If you want to get started on planning the items above now, feel free to download, print, and fill out the simple “getting started” Blog Planning Cheat Sheet directly below.

Some questions you may want to answer to help you choose a niche for a WordPress Blog :

  • What are your goals and desired outcomes of this blog for your life and lifestyle?
  • What are your goals and desired outcomes of this blog for your readers?
  • If you were breaking down what you will blog about into 3 – 5 categories, what would they be?
  • What are five example posts you might create? (Just the title or gist of the post will do.)
  • Do you want to set your blog up so that you can make money from it? If so, how much would you ideally make per month from it in the future?
  • Is the idea “worth it” to you if it doesn’t make any “real” money for the first nine months to a year?
  • How often do you see yourself posting to your blog?
  • What is the amount of time you can reasonably expect to commit to writing for, promoting, tweaking, and improving your blog each week?
  • What is your ideal time frame to launch your blog?
  • What does success look like to you with your blog? “I’ll feel my blog is successful when…

I can’t say this enough…

Planning is crucial at this stage when you are trying to choose a niche for your blog

Try to be honest answering these questions as it will help you focus on creating your Blog from the start and save lots of time in the future!

Believe me… I have jumped into creating sites in the past and found myself lost very quickly as I had no clear direction from the start.

Understanding your reader and understanding your brand is essential to underpin all your future efforts. So, take time to complete the reader profile … it really is worth the effort now, as it will save you lots of time and heartache in the future.

What are the common problems to deciding on how to choose a niche for your blog

Confusion, imposter syndrome and lack of focus are often the things preventing people from choosing a niche for a wordpress blog. I have a process I follow every time I need to choose a niche to create a blog on.

It’s a simple process and can be fun! Be methodical rather than going off on a whim and choosing something that is just a fashion for the moment. The best niches are ‘evergreen’.. this means it will always be popular.

Follow this process and it will help to focus your mind and direction you need to go in.

Who is Your Reader?

Before you can write for your reader you should understand who your reader is and what they are interested in.

Try answering some and preferably all the questions below.

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Social Habits (Does she/he use these networks? If so, how often?)

I go through this exercise to focus my thoughts, and to write for a person. If you have a go yourself I am certain you will find the exercise very useful.

It’s worth the time.

Plan Your Blog Quickie Cheat Sheet

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

What is a Niche?

If you have been looking online for information on how to build websites and choose a niche for your WordPress Blog you will no doubt have come across the term ‘niche’.

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Ok so what does that mean?

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog


You choose a topic and ‘drill’ down within that topic or niche. Focus on a very narrow element of a subject and you can hit gold.

If you try to compete within a large topic area with established websites and brands. You will crash and burn.

There will obviously be less people typing a sub niche into Google, but those people are looking for very specific information. Your job is to answer their needs and concerns and you will construct your website specifically to answer those needs and concerns.

In doing so you will be able to more easily appear in the top ten search results of Google. Which is the only place you want to be.

Obviously, anything is a topic that will have some interest to somebody somewhere in the world. How you decide which niche or topic to choose to build a website or blog about will depend on a number of variables.

Different Software Used for Building Blogs/Websites

Perhaps we should just take a quick look at the different formats for building a Blog/website?

What is the difference between a WordPress Blog and a Website?

None really…

There are different types of ‘content management systems’ (CMS) available to you to build and manage your blog. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and really it is up to you, which you go for.

The CMS means you can create content without knowing code such as HTML etc. Your blog’s CMS is also referred to as its ‘platform.’

As I said, there isn’t one ideal platform, which you can use for your blog. There are free software programs which are pretty much as easy as using Word. If you can write and tick some boxes you can have your blog up and running in no time.

However, if your blog grows into something other than just a hobby you may regret not having it ‘self-hosted’ (such as Liquidweb or Bluehost etc)

Static websites so called, as they are not so easy to update quickly and require some level of knowledge of HTML etc.

Building a blog

Blogs are not, as a rule built with static websites as the very nature of a Blog is to be updated regularly. They have evolved as a type of online diary and as such have a structure similar to a diary. The lasts articles or posts will show up on the front page (unless you click a button and have a static page, more of that another time 😉 ).

They use different technology to present information online.

Which ‘Platform Should You Choose for Your Blog?

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

I would advise anyone new to the online world to use WordPress to build their blog.

Mainly because it is so user-friendly. So you can have a Blog up and running within a matter of minutes.

You don’t need technical know-how or any deep understanding of HTML (computer language).

There are thousands of free WordPress themes for you to choose from… but more of this later.

Tumblr is also a really easy quick way to get a Blog up and running quickly. I just like to have the control of having a self-hosted site, it’s a nurse thing… we are all control freaks at heart!

Authority/Expert or Generalist/Magazine Format?

Ok, once you have decided which CMS to use now you need to decide what type of blog you want to build. Decide before you start, as it is important not to confuse these two very different types.

A Generalist OR An Expert

A Generalist Blog may take the form of a magazine with many different articles covering a wide variety of subjects. The subjects may all be of interest to a certain section of people but they are not a single subject.

For example:

  • A blog about travel could be packed with articles to cover various places in the world to travel
  • A more focused blog may concentrate on travel for over 50’s
  • A more focused travel blog may cover travelling for people with a disability Or
  • Travelling with children
  • Travelling on a budget of £50 a day Etc etc..etc..

An Expert blog means you set yourself as an ‘expert’ in any subject and you become the ‘go to’ place for someone searching for information on that subject.

There are pluses and minuses for both approaches but I would choose the Expert route if you are thinking seriously of setting up an authority blog.

You do have to have some amount of passion yourself to sustain interest in producing quality content for the Blog. It is easy to run out of steam very quickly if you have no great knowledge of interest in the subject yourself.

However, you can choose to ‘outsource’ your articles. This means getting someone else to write your articles or produce the videos for your blog. Many bloggers use these resources to populate their blogs with content.

There are many sites you can go to to find experts in just about every subject who will for a price, write the content for your blog. This technique is vast and I could spend a lot of time explaining how/where/when etc but here is a quick link to a few places I have used in the past to produce content.

• Fiverr
• Upwork
• Konker
• Freelancer

If you are still having a problem deciding on how to choose a niche for your Wordpress blogfrom there are a few ways for you to kick-start your search.

I often go to Amazon as a first point of call.

Researching Your Subject:
Still Having a Problem Choosing a Niche?

If you are having trouble identifying a topic there are different ways to research how much interest there is in a specific topic.

Amazon is a treasure trove of valuable information. You can use their menus and subsections to find very lucrative niches.

When I go to the Amazon website I go to the ‘Bestsellers’ area, this will have listed all the products that sell well on their site.

You can click on any of the subjects on the left side of the Amazon site under ‘Bestsellers’

If you click on any of these subject areas you will be shown the results for the best sellers in that category. This is a great way to choose a niche…See the image below…
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Click on and this will take you to the bestsellers in UK if you are in the US then click on

Look at the star rating on each of the items and the number of reviews given to each item. If something is a best seller, and there are lots of people who can be bothered to go back to the Amazon site and leave a review, you can be sure this is a hot item.

Amazon updates their bestseller list hourly so this is one of the best indicators of hot topics/items in real time.

For example, if you click on ‘Beauty’ in the bestseller menu, you will be taken to a page showing the best-selling items in the beauty category.
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Look at the number of stars/reviews on the above items
The above illustration gives you some idea of what to look at when you are searching for products

If you are thinking of creating a Blog on a specific subject you can use the same technique but look at best-selling books to see what people are buying.

BUYING is the main thing you are interested in.

You can also look at a specific book and use the ‘Look Inside’ feature. This is very useful to see how each ‘Niche’ can be ‘drilled’ down into smaller more specific niches. You could even have a Blog on one of these sub-niches as mentioned above.

The ‘Look Inside’ will show you the contents of the book.
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

The contents list may give you ideas for articles or videos you can write or make for your Blog…

Another example of how to research another possible niche – baby care.. this is a vast subject obviously and if you try to compete with Mothercare you will disappear into the Google wasteland as you do not have their budget for marketing etc..

However, if you follow this process and ‘drill down’ into a subject associated with baby care, you could find a winner.
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog
Again, you can use the contents page to give you ideas on subjects you could write about for your Blog..
How to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

To summarise, the Bestseller list will help you find the most popular items on Amazon by drilling down into a topic. You can find sub-niches that could provide you with inspiration for your own blog or even just inspiration to write articles on up to date information, topics or items.

Writing an eBook is just a long article put into a single document or PDF … like the one you are reading right now. You may decide you want to sell digital products or even create your own product or eBook. There are thousands of different things you can promote or sell through your Blog/website.

Amazon is just one place you can look for inspiration.

Google Trends to help choose a niche for a blog

Once you have some idea of the niche you are interested in go to Google Trends to make sure the niche you have chosen is evergreen and not just a transient trend.

You can use this knowledge and create your blog. So How Do You choose a Niche or Sub-Niche?

If you have an interest there will be others who have the same or similar interest. The secret to success is choosing a niche with enough passionate people in it who are also willing to spend some money or time on your site and return often to read your content.

This ‘traffic’ will attract advertisers to your site and you can make some money that way.

As I said earlier..

Generalist Blog

Examples could be –

  • How to train your dog
  • Summer/spring/autumn/winter fashion
  • Keeping reptiles
  • Lose weight
  • Cure debt
  • Bird seed

All these are general terms. If you decide to have a blog or website like this you will no doubt crash and burn and be very lonely online as there are thousands of other websites to compete with.

An Expert Blog

These blogs usually have a very narrow focus on a specific subject.

For example an expert blog may just concentrate on a certain fashion, such as shoes but will be even more focused and have many articles about a specific designer of shoes.


Training dogs. Expert blogs will focus on how to train a particular breed of dog. Not just articles about general dog training methods.

  • House train a small dog
  • House train my dachshund
  • House train my miniature wire-haired dachshund
  • How to prevent stress in the workplace
  • How to make baby clothes
  • How to keep bees in an urban garden

As you can see, by choosing a topic and finding a small part of that topic to concentrate on, you are more likely to get like-minded people looking at your Blog. Yours will be very specific and offer every kind of advice on that topic, rather than just a general magazine type Blog with disparate information. I have found these types of Blogs work much better than any generalist Blog.

The secret is to know and understand your visitor. Put yourself in their place.

What would you want to know if you were looking for specific information? Today searchers on the Internet have so much choice they will often click onto a website and click off in a heartbeat as the information is not specific enough for their purposes.

How do you ‘get to know your audience?’

Fill out the ‘Who is Your Reader?’ cheat sheet above.

Once you have some idea of your reader, go to where they hang out on the internet, go to forums on your chosen topic, see what people are talking about. What their worries are, offer your expert opinion and link back to your site, (this is a huge topic). This is called ‘Back- Linking’ and is vital to understand as a website with no back-links is a dead website! `

For the purposes of this guide, you should be looking for a niche that you have some interest or knowledge of and be able to provide the answers or products people are looking for.

Three Main Driving Themes Dominate Internet Searches

It is also vital you understand the psychology behind what drives humanity. This psychology is the same as that that drives people to search for information online. Everybody is passionate at one time or another in finding a solution to a problem concerning the following: –

how to choose a niche for your wordpress blog

Let’s look at each of these niches in detail.


If you type into Google ‘love’ the results are about 2,860,000,000 results!

This means there are approximately this many websites or web pages with this word contained in it.

If you drill down into this niche there are people constantly searching to solve their problems concerning ‘love’. Whether it is about finding love, getting your ex back, keeping love alive, what to do when love dies etc etc etc to quote Yul Brynner..

So you see that the number above with lots of zeros tells us that a HUGE percentage of the world online is looking for some kind of solution to their problem concerning love, in all its forms.

Look for a small area of this vast subject and provide solutions…


If you type health into Google the results are About 3,580,000,000 results!

There are even more than the results for love. Therefore, there are lots of people looking for some solution to their health problems.

Obviously, there are thousands of niches under this umbrella term. If you can find a small niche within this vast area and provide a solution or way to live with a health-related problem, you will have a successful blog.


If you type into Google ‘money’ there are about 2,560,000,000 results!

Again, there are many people looking for a solution to their money problems.

Obviously, these single words will create a huge number of results but you can see that lots of the searches people type into Google, concerns these basic human fears and needs.

Passions and Obsessions

I have made some of my best performing websites based on passions, one was about tortoises!

I am interested in people’s obsessions anyway, so it’s always interesting looking for these strange little obsessions people have. I know of one website that was making $1000+ a month on one specific houseplant and how to care for it!

Another was on birdseed! So you can see there are millions of different niches to choose from and drill down into to make a successful blog. They may not make you a millionaire but they could add a significant amount of cash for you to live more comfortably.

So, What Does This Mean for You as a Website/Blog Creator?

Your job now is to decide who your reader is and what their passion, problem or need is.. and create a website offering a solution.. that sounds easy.. but I will be honest, it does take quite a bit of your time to do this but it’s worth the effort.

As I keep saying, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Any website or email that tells you that you can make a ‘passive income’ on ‘autopilot’ is lying to you.. you can have a website making money whilst you are asleep.. but that site will only get to that point after you have been awake working solidly for many many hours!


Decide if you are an expert or have enough interest in a niche and dive in!

Look at your own life experiences and passions. If you are not an expert now you may have extensive experience or interest in a subject. If you think you can sustain this interest and produce compelling content for your website/blog then you may have a winner.

Be honest about this…

  • Is there enough interest in your chosen niche?
  • Is there money in your chosen topic?
  • Can you maintain interest in the topic for a considerable amount of time?

Ok.. but… Don’t be lulled into thinking you can just make a website about ‘love’ or ‘money’ …it’s a bit more complicated than that.. it would be wouldn’t it..! Anyway, so you should now have some idea of how to search for a subject, choose a niche, which you can jump into and make a lovely sparkly informative website about. Then hopefully it will entice visitors and hopefully make them want to spend some cash.

Is There Enough Passion in your Chosen Niche?

You may think that there must be many many people with a passion or interest in the subject you have chosen. However, without doing some due diligence and research you may find your subject or niche is not popular enough to generate either an income or enough traffic to generate even a small amount of revenue.

So how do you determine if your niche has enough passion?

As I mentioned above you can start by looking at Amazon to get you going. Then look to see if there are forums on your topic, plus how much interest there is on the forums. How engaged are the participants in the forum?

You can also do some ‘keyword research’.. again this is a huge topic in itself. There are several internet ‘Gurus’ now saying keywords are dead and content and providing quality solutions to people’s queries is now paramount. However, I still think it is worth understanding how people search for a given subject when they type into Google or Bing etc.

Keyword research can be a stand-alone course in itself…

Do YOU Have Enough Passion in Your Niche?!

This is a difficult one!

I have spent countless hours setting up various websites and Blogs.. then my interest has waned mainly due to my lack of interest in the subject. So, it is vital you choose a topic that you can sustain your own interest in. This is not a get rich quick system and you will be spending a considerable amount of time writing articles for your site and as a guest poster or answering questions on forums. So you need to maintain your interest for quite a while.

So, choose something that you know you can sustain interest in! Or something you yourself want to learn about and then pass that newfound knowledge onto your audience.

I hope you have found useful actionable information and have a better idea of how to choose a niche for a wordpress blog.

If you want to contact me use the contact form on

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