How to Make Extra Money in 2019 – for Over 50s

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If you are over 50 and looking how to make extra money in 2019 then you are in the right place. Learning how to make extra income is vital these days, especially if you are living on a pension or planning to retire soon.

Increase Your Income – Create Income

Silver Digital Nomads is for people over 50 who need to increase their income, create a side gig or just use their knowledge to help others. If you are worried about how you are going to pay the rent, eat, or enjoy life in your 50s and beyond you have to think creatively and make a plan!

Having different streams of income is paramount. If you have many different ways to make extra cash you will be more financially secure. If one of your streams dries up, you have others to fall back on. Therefore, you will have less stress and anxiety. Happy days!

Having skills to Make Extra Money in 2019 is not a choice – it’s a necessity!

Whatever your needs, if you just want to make extra money for holidays, to help out family, pay off debt or save a little more, finding ways to make extra money is not as difficult as you might think.

Today more than ever, there are so many ways to increase your income and it can be fun! We should all be life long learners because it helps to keep your brain active and healthy.

So learning a new skill is a great way to stay healthy as well as make extra cash.

Learning how to make extra money can change your life in amazing ways such as:

  • Saving for big purchases, such as a holiday of a lifetime.
  • Paying off your debt.
  • Increase your Pension pot
  • Buy a property and rent it out for extra income
  • Stop living month to month and running out of money in the last week!
  • Help you retire sooner.
  • Help you leave your job if you hate it!.
  • Help you diversify income streams which creates more financial stability.
  • Help your kids get their first home.
  • Help elderly parents that may need extra care.

Whether you want to work an extra hour a day or want to work full time on making extra money there are thousands of options.

To make more money, you can use the knowledge you have from life, your job, your profession to help others and in doing so, increase your bank balance. You can make money online, create a side business, sell some of your stuff, find a part-time job, there really are so many ways to make extra cash!

Learn How to Make Money Online in 2019

Making money online is just one way to make extra money. But you can earn a full-time income online which can give you the freedom to travel and work if you wish.

It can give you control over how much you work, where and if you work, plus you could fire your boss! So if you want to learn how to make money online you are in the right place.

There are so many websites offering to teach you how to do this but many of them do not take account of our generation. So much of the information assumes a certain level of technical knowledge.

Baby Boomers – You Have the Skills

The Baby Boomer generation remembers only too well the days before the internet. We have knowledge and experience of life and work but our knowledge of how to make money online using various techniques is sometimes limited.

This is why I created Silver Digital Nomads! I have broken down the process into easily understood chunks without any assumption of prior knowledge.

If you want more information, check out my article on How to Make a WordPress Blog if You Are Over 50

You Have Time! You’re Not Too Old

You are not too old to learn new skills.

You’re not too old to make money differently than you have before. You’re not too old to start that business you’ve always wanted to. You’re not too old to make extra money and make that work for you and keep you in food, a home, holidays and even luxuries in your retirement.

You just have to start!

Put in the time, put in the work. You can change your life when you change the stories you have been telling yourself all these years. Be deliberate, change your belief system and pursue your dreams and stop making excuses.

Start Your own Blog in 2019 – FREE email Course

Here are a few ways to make extra money online

  1. Start a successful blog – This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money. You have a wealth of knowledge, which people are looking for. Blogging is fun! Though it isn’t a short term, get rich quick way to make extra cash but you can build up your audience and blog over time. You can set up your blog very cheaply and you can get a free domain name.

  • Answer Surveys – There are thousands of online survey companies to choose from. It can be hit and miss and not a huge payday but if you have nothing else to do it can be fun. Here is an article explaining the best legit Survey Companies

  • Help others with CV/Resume – if you have the knowledge on creating a great cv/resume there are always people looking for help. Sites such as Fiverr

  • Create a course to teach others – you may have been a teacher or have taught others in your work/profession. There are always people looking for information on every subject under the sun. If you would like to pass on your knowledge there are a few sites where you can create an online course – Here you can set up your Teachable account

  • Edit others people articles and web content – if the English Language is your forte then try editing for others. Sites such as Fiverr or Freelancer

  • Use Swagbucks – I have to be honest, I have never tried this but from the reviews, it is possible to make a little extra cash

  • Post small ads on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest accounts etc

  • Become a Proofreader – find these jobs checking other peoples writing on sites such as Fiverr

  • Become a Freelance writer – the currency of the internet is content = articles = reviews = sales. This is an easy website to get some experience. It is low paid but it’s a great place to start! Here is your link to Hirewriters If you hanker after creating your own freelance writing business take a look at this

  • Do small business accounts, bookkeeping – if you have a background in bookkeeping or accounting you could make extra money from doing the books of local small businesses or even further afield if you have your own blog or website and social media strategy

  • Become a virtual assistant – if you are great at organising and keeping a diary etc then perhaps take a look at this way of making extra cash. You can find jobs on job boards try these

  • Become a transcriptionist – this is a specialism which if you are qualified for can be very lucrative. Have a look on job boards

Create a side Gig/Business in to Make Extra Money in 2019

If making money online isn’t your thing and you still want to make extra money try a traditional way to earn money. Here are a few ideas of how you can create extra income in your local area.

  1. Babysit
  2. Help as a carer in peoples home
  3. Become a cleaner
  4. Become a pet groomer
  5. Become a dog walker
  6. House sit
  7. Become a photographer
  8. Move furniture
  9. Become a maintenance person
  10. Become a tutor
  11. Rent out a room in your home on Airbnb
  12. Amazon driver

Sell Your Unwanted Stuff to Make Extra Money in 2019

  • Sell stuff on ebay
  • Sell stuff on gumtree/craigslist
  • Sell to secondhand shops
  • Sell your old books
  • Sell on etsy
  • Sell your gift cards
  • Sell stuff in front of your home

Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money in 2019

  1. Place ads on your car
  2. Cuddle strangers for cash.
  3. Receive bonuses & rewards for using your credit card
  4. Take part in medical research
  5. Put ads on Gumtree/Craigslist
  6. Use ebates – (not in UK)
  7. Enter competitions – sell your winnings
  8. Become a mystery shopper
  9. Be an aupair
  10. Go on workaway

As you can see, there are many ways to make extra money, not just online. If you do want to learn how to make your own blog to make money, check out my Free email course