Mel Robbins Mindset Reset

Mel Robbins Mindset Reset is a Free 30-day coaching video series for anyone who feels the need to kick themselves out of apathy. If you need to deal with anxiety, imposter syndrome, or a feeling you are too late to achieve your goals this is for you!

A lot of people I speak to who are the same age as me, state they can’t learn new technology. That’s pants! We are always learning, growing and solving problems. Being over 50 does not prevent you from starting something new.

You just have to start!

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If you give it a try I guarantee you will see positive changes in your attitude and day to day life.

Mel Robbins is the author of The 5 Second Rule, the bestseller which has impacted millions around the world.

The 5 Second Rule

mel robbins mindset reset

It is a practical guide to being a flawed human and how to change the way you think, react and achieve.

If you need a kick up the arse or some help and practical actionable steps to address your anxiety, I highly recommend you read it today!

Mindset Reset

The daily videos run for the whole of January 2019. They are positive without any tree hugging at all.. just down to earth, research based practical advice you can put into action.

I am watching daily and already I know the changes I have made are helping me focus my mind and set achievable goals.

I am a battered old psyche nurse… it takes a lot for me to endorse any ‘self-help’ Guru… but Mel Robbins is no Guru. She has walked the walk and knows what she is talking about.

Watch it..

If you want to read more about her techniques.. read The 5 Second Rule.. you can get a copy HERE thank me later 😉