Top 10 YouTubers Living in an RV

So you may be thinking of living in an RV or Motorhome full time?

I have been researching doing this for the last two years and during that research I have come across a few interesting YouTubers who film their life on the road.

If you enjoy travelling in your RV, camper van, motorhome have you thought about living in an RV full time? Have you day dreamed about leaving all the constraints of ‘normal life’ behind?

If you have dared to dream about living in an RV, then maybe you should take a look at some of these?

Living in an RV Full time – Why?

Although I don’t know the exact ages of these YouTube stars, they are older than the norm. They are not college kids or millennials running away from getting a real job.. or avoiding paying a mortgage etc. They are instead, mature people who have mostly chosen this way of life after living that ‘normal life’. 

Are they mad wanting to live in an RV? Are they destitute? Do they have choices? Are they lonely or some strange kind of loner?

No they were just tired of living the lives they had, they gave up their homes, their jobs and their ‘normal’ life and chose a different life living in an RV an travelling.

As far as I am concerned.. that’s not mad at all! Why wait until you retire when you may be too ill or afraid to do it?

All of these YouTubers lived in bricks, bringing up their kids, working at their jobs.. but have decided they wanted the apparent freedom of a life lived without the constraints of mortgage, utility bills and a 9-5.

Many of them earn a living on the road, obviously through their subscribers and advertising on YouTube but also with side gigs such as writing and their websites. Making money online when you are no spring chicken is possible and desirable. They have a community or a ‘tribe’, often travel in groups and seem to be happier than even living in an RV.

How many of us would love to do the same?

I can spend hours watching these videos ha! I love ’em – I think you will too.. at least some of them 😉

Bob Wells

Carolyn’s RV Life

Caravan Carolyn

Deborah Joy

Campervan Kevin

Destination Open Road

RV Joey

Andrew Ditton

Just Being Bry

Bex Cat Herder

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