What is a Digital Nomad?

silver digital nomads
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It is a secret ancient sect which only those with special powers and bright pink flip flops can access.. maybe not…

Ok so you want to be a Digital Nomad?

So.. what is a Digital Nomad and what is a Silver Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works from a location of his choice and often sets his own schedule. Digital nomads work in many different industries including business, education, publishing, visual arts, and personal development. Writers, photographers, software developers, graphic designers, business consultants, executive coaches, transcriptionists, and Web marketers are the types of workers who commonly fit into this category.

Sounds nice…

Digital nomads generally rely on a variety of tools and devices to do their work, such as computer laptops, cell phones, wireless Internet services, Web-conferencing tools, and e-book readers.

Sounds complicated…? ;/

The flexibility of work location is what sets the life of a digital nomad apart from those employed in a more traditional environment. A travel writer may visit dozens of locations throughout the world and submit his work to publishers from remote places. Freelance Web developers can write code while sitting in a coffee shop. A work-at-home mother might do her work as an Internet researcher from home, a library or at an Internet café while her children are at school.

More often than not Digital Nomad’s are under 35 and move around the globe wearing flip flops.. sweeping statement perhaps but ostensibly true..

Therefore ‘Silver Digital Nomads’ are slightly older .. or a lot older.. with natural highlights i.e. grey/silver hair.

If you are older you will have commitments.

You cannot necessarily follow in their flip flop lifestyle but you can still have elements of the lifestyle even if you still have a mortgage, older children at university, grandchildren to care for or elderly relatives needing your support.

That all sounds lovely and very enticing doesn’t it?

So how do you become one?

By using the power of the Internet you can create your own digital nomad lifestyle. You can choose to stay in your job and your home or you could jump headlong into the travelling lifestyle and become location independent.

Where to start?

In order to fund this lifestyle you will need a means to pay your way. You will need to have your bills covered and if necessary your travel costs.

To do this you need a vehicle to create that income.

A Blog/website to sell stuff… your stuff or other peoples and also a place to promote yourself and your skills, whatever those skills may be?

Practical steps do you follow to actually do this thing?!

    • 1) Assess
    • 2) Plan
    • 3) Implement
    • 4) Keep going..!
    • 4) Above all…. TAKE ACTION!